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NuQuest Comics



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Written & Illustrated by Ray Dillon
48-page oversized issue!
Color Cover, B&W Interiors

The first chapter of an epic post-apocalyptic superhero series! 


A cataclysmic, otherworldly battle destroyed society. The Earth was left a radioactive, diseased wasteland. Billions were killed, millions were mutated. 

Meredith led her son, Clayton, and others into a tiny crack of a canyon, desperate for shelter from the elements and the monsters roaming the earth.

They settled deep in the canyon where mysterious aircrafts began dropping food and supplies. For years they lived this way, confused and dependent, but surviving.

Clayton befriends a troubled, sickly kid named Scottie and an inventive, optimistic girl, Amaya, and they grow up in this new world together. They make Canyon City their home. 

But the relative peace of their frail bubble is about to burst as family disappears, friends turn on each other, mutants attack, and an insane villain from afar comes calling!

Who will rise up and become the protector, THE GATEKEEPER, of Canyon City?

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